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Scalp Microbiome Testing


As the scalp care industry grows, consumers demand transparency from the brands formulating their products. It has become essential for formulators to create products they are willing to test to present scientifically backed data-driven evidence of their products' true effects. 

Sequential offers microbiome testing for your scalp care formulations, ranging from scalp serums, shampoos, conditioners, oils, etc.

We are dedicated to understanding how your product interacts with the scalp and its microbes. Depending on how in-depth you want to go, we offer qPCR, 16S, ITS, and Shotgun Metagenomics. 

Personalized Approach to Testing

Unlike other methodologies present within the industry,  Sequential's approach ensures that your product's data and analysis will stand the test of industry regulations when they are introduced. You can tailor your study entirely to your unique requirements. 

Test Products in a Real-Life Context

The microbiome comprises a complex ecosystem of microorganisms that live together in a delicate balance, which is why it's best to test directly upon it directly. To fully understand the impact a product is having on the microbiome, in vivo is the only way.

Collect Longitudinal Data

With in vivo testing we can design your study around the extended use of a product over multiple time points. This allows us to review how a product is performing before and after usage, but also take into account its gradual impact on the microbiome.

Measure Against a Control Group

Measure a product against a control group that might have a different percentage of your active ingredient within its formulation or no active at all. This will allow for deeper insights into the impact of a formulation on microbial balance and diversity. 

4 Sequencing Reports To Pick From

Depending on your development stage and what you are interested in studying we offer qPCR, 16S, ITS, and Shotgun Metagenomics. With our qPCR Smart Probes™ we can go down to the strain level in our analysis. 

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Brown Hair

Unlike hair, the scalp is formed of a living community of microorganisms such as bacterial and fungal players that can influence the balance of the scalp microbiome, even the subtlest of imbalances can lead to issues such as dandruff, itching, and irritation, resulting in unwanted flaking. 

Smart Probes

Our dedicated team of scientists have
developed a method of evaluating microbes through our Smart Probes
. These refer to a panel of 20 key microbes we have specifically identified as having the most impact on scalp health. Over and above the taxonomic characterisation that 16S offers, which gives us a snapshot of all the genus present within a collected sample (Cutibacterium,
Staphylococcus, etc.) our targeted approach takes it a step further, opening the lens to the species (C. acnes), sub-species (C. acnes defendens) and even strains within them. This is a crucial distinction as not all strains of a species behave similarly. We find that within these species there are strains associated with inflammation and strains that are commensal, and beneficial.

Beauty Products

Gold Standard Certification

Sequential has developed the gold standard test for products designed to target the microbiome, in vivo (in, or on, humans). Finally, we can give some certainty about if a product is truly affecting the microbiome.

Using next-generation sequencing of the collection of micro-organisms found on the body, before and after product usage, Sequential investigates the microbial balance and diversity, and particular micro-organisms we know are important and play a role in a healthy microbiome.

We give you an in vivo certification that your product maintains the microbiome. And it’s not exclusive to skincare! We do this for haircare products, oral products, and vulva/vaginal microbiomes.


Supplement Your Microbiome Study

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Recruitment Services

Let us take care of the entire candidate recruitment process for you!


Biophysical Assessments

Increase your data on the use of your product by evaluating additional biophysical factors.

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Formulation Support

Seek consultation advice for your formulation if you are re-formulating or developing a new product.

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  • What is Sequential's testing platform?
    Sequential has developed the gold standard test for microbiome-friendly products, in vivo (in, or on, humans). Finally, we can give some certainty about if a product is truly affecting the microbiome. We offer a complete end-to-end solution to support microbiome-friendly claims. From consultancy and study design to our proprietary microbiome testing kits. We analyse, interpret and report our findings to meet your needs.
  • Why is it necessary to test the microbiome in vivo?
    At present, there are no regulations for microbiome-related formulas that brands and formulators can follow, however, it has been universally acknowledged that the in vivo method of conducting clinical studies is becoming critical and paramount to getting marketing claims through. When regulations are introduced, which may be imminent, the in vitro system will find itself lacking, resulting in limited claims and certifications that do not hold their value. This is why, we at Sequential strive to offer an in vivo approach, knowing full well that we want our client's claims to be significantly backed by scientific and quantifiable data.
  • What type of sequencing technology does Sequential use for analysis?
    We offer four types of sequencing techniques including qPCR with our Smart Probes™, 16S, ITS and Shotgun Metagenomics. Using next-generation sequencing of the collection of microorganisms found on the body, during product usage, Sequential investigates the microbial diversity, and particular microorganisms we know are important and play a role in a healthy microbiome.
  • Does Sequential offer claims certification for tested products?
    We provide our clients with a certification to claim “Maintains the Microbiome” subject to in vivo testing results which can be used in communication efforts. Once your product is tested with our qPCR Smart Probes™ and has shown favourable results in supporting the microbiome, we can certify your product with our Maintains the Microbiome certification seal. We have ensured that our seal and certification are backed by quantifiable data and scientifically significant markers. The aim is to ensure our clients feel confident in making their claims and can communicate the true benefit of their microbiome formulations.
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