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The secrets behind your skin microbiome

On the surface of your skin sits an organic ecosystem made up from billions of good bacteria called the microbiome. It forms the first layer of defense for your skin against outside forces. In order for your skin microbiome to be healthy, it must be balanced. 

The Secrets Behind Your Skin Microbiome

A balanced microbiome means healthy skin


What affects your skin microbiome?


The country you live in can have adverse effects on your skin microbiome, from pollution levels to UV exposure.


Your skin care routine

When it comes to skin care, not knowing what products to use can negatively impact your skin microbiome.


Your physical wellbeing

What you put in your body is as important as what you put on it. A healthy diet can affect your skin health.


Your mental health

When you aren’t well internally, it can be a struggle to look after yourself. It is imperative to be aware of your mental health.

  • What is Sequential's testing platform?
    Sequential has developed the gold standard test for microbiome-friendly products, in vivo (in, or on, humans). Finally, we can give some certainty about if a product is truly affecting the microbiome. We offer a complete end-to-end solution to support microbiome-friendly claims. From consultancy and study design to our proprietary microbiome testing kits. We analyse, interpret and report our findings to meet your needs.
  • Why is it necessary to test the microbiome in vivo?
    At present, there are no regulations for microbiome-related formulas that brands and formulators can follow, however, it has been universally acknowledged that the in vivo method of conducting clinical studies is becoming critical and paramount to getting marketing claims through. When regulations are introduced, which may be imminent, the in vitro system will find itself lacking, resulting in limited claims and certifications that do not hold their value. This is why, we at Sequential strive to offer an in vivo approach, knowing full well that we want our client's claims to be significantly backed by scientific and quantifiable data.
  • What type of sequencing technology does Sequential use for analysis?
    We offer four types of sequencing techniques including qPCR with our Smart Probes™, 16S, ITS and Shotgun Metagenomics. Using next-generation sequencing of the collection of microorganisms found on the body, during product usage, Sequential investigates the microbial diversity, and particular microorganisms we know are important and play a role in a healthy microbiome.
  • Does Sequential offer claims certification for tested products?
    We provide our clients with a certification to claim “Maintains the Microbiome” subject to in vivo testing results which can be used in communication efforts. Once your product is tested with our qPCR Smart Probes™ and has shown favourable results in supporting the microbiome, we can certify your product with our Maintains the Microbiome certification seal. We have ensured that our seal and certification are backed by quantifiable data and scientifically significant markers. The aim is to ensure our clients feel confident in making their claims and can communicate the true benefit of their microbiome formulations.
The Secrets Behind Your Skin Microbiome
The Secrets Behind Your Skin Microbiome
The Secrets Behind Your Skin Microbiome

Unearth the secrets of your skin microbiome

The Secrets Behind Your Skin Microbiome
The Secrets Behind Your Skin Microbiome
The Secrets Behind Your Skin Microbiome

We are skin experts

We are a team of award-winning scientists with a mission to empower individuals to make better-informed decisions about their skin health.

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